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  • PADI IDC’s Sept & Oct

    Make your Summers Endless: Become a Scuba Instructor with our next PADI IDC's Sept 2nd & Oct 7th! All our Instructor courses in 2015 to date, have ended in unmatched success with all candidates qualifying as PADI Instructors. All our PADI IDC's in 2015  and in previous years have ended with a 100% pass rate […]

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  • Visit us at the UK Dive Show

    Visit us at the UK Dive Show

    Utila Dive Centre on tour at the UK Dive show this October The summer may be getting shorter and shorter but the sun will be shining in October at the UK dive show when UDC will be exhibiting in the PADI village on stand PV18.  The UK Dive Show is one of the top dive […]

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  • Congrats David – PADI Rebreather Instructor

    Congratulations David Imschweiler completing his PADI Poseidon MK Se7en Rebreather Instructor How fitting that almost 1 year in the planning this month, PADI Instructor David Imschweiler qualified with us as a PADI Poseidon Rebreather Instructor, and becomes one of the few PADI professioanls certified as a Poseidon MK Seven Rebreather Instructor in Texas, USA! David […]

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  • Amazing GoPro 4.0 Promotions for 2016

    Utila Dive Centre GoPro 4.0 Promotions for 2016 – Limited availability each month Now we give you more amazing reasons to GoPro with the most awarded PADI Career Development Center in the Americas, and nominated and voted #1 Instructor Development Center by PADI Americas for 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010, and also best PADI […]

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  • Platinum Award – 10 Consecutive Years

    Congratulations to our PADI Course Directors for 2015 Out of approximately 1200 PADI Course Directors worldwide there are only about 50 who qualify as PADI Platinum rated Course Directors active and at Utila Dive Center we are proud to announce that both of our CD's Jhair Herrera and Andy Phillips continue to achieve their Platinum […]

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  • Join our Truk/Palau Expedition May 2016

    Truk Lagoon & Palau Liveaboard May 2016 Join us on this trip of a lifetime where we will be combining 1 week of diving the famous Truk Lagoon and then 1 week of liveaboard diving in the world class diving destination of Palau, Micronesia. For anyone tight on time there is the option to just […]

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  • Are You Ready for Tec Diving Utila?

    Are You Ready for Tec Diving Utila?

    This article orginally featured on 10 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Tec Diving It could be curiosity about what you’ll see at deeper depths, the natural explorer awakening in you as you max out on a dive at 130 feet/40 meters, or perhaps you’re looking for a new personal challenge in scuba diving […]

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  • Career Paths in the Dive Industry

    Career Paths in the Dive Industry

    A version of this article originally appeared in ScubaDiverLife 2nd March 2015 On the surface it seems like the dream job, working in exotic locations, getting to dive most days for a living, interacting with clients who are grateful for the services you provide, encounters with aquatic life, commuting to work on boat rides with […]

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  • Conducting the CESA

    The Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent AKA CESA is one of the skills that intimidates most Instructor candidates and new Instructors, and is the one that students have the most difficulty in understanding how to perform the exercise.  By using your PADI Open Water briefing slate for the CESA you should be able to explain the […]

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  • Why Divers Spear LionFish in the Caribbean

    Why Divers Spear LionFish in the Caribbean

    This is an updated version of an article originally published in ScubaDiving magazine in 2011 and written by Sarah Dowdall. Anyone who has casually dived in the Red Sea, Indo-Pacific and Caribbean regions may have seen the beautiful zebra like markings and fan like fins and spines of a Lionfish hovering elegantly in the water. […]

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