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IAHD-Americas Dive Pro/Instructor

IAHD-Americas Dive Pro/Instructor program

The Utila Dive Centre is the official exclusive IAHD-Americas training facility in the Bay Islands of Honduras, offering both training for disabled divers, and also for dive professionals who want to give back, and increase their employment prospects and rewards of working with disabled divers.

IAHD Disabled diver instructor course utila hondurasThe IAHD-Americas Pro-Training is a totally integrated program for Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors which consists of two days of classroom, pool and optional open water training.

Candidates learn:

• To be able to relate to some of the common psychological aspects of disabled persons.

• The characteristics of various physical disabilities, and how they relate to scuba diving.

• To recognize and adapt to some of the unique characteristics of mental & emotional disabilities.

• How to overcome some of the problems you may encounter when training physically disabled divers, through simulations and workshops in both confined and open water environments.

• Proven methods for assisting those with sight impairment, hearing impairment, spinal injuries, amputations, and other disabilities.

• How to adapt and modify normal diving equipment to the needs of the disabled diver.

• To anticipate the needs and attitudes of challenged students and to develop a foresight in logistic awareness and considerations.

All dive professionals who are qualified as Instructors with their respective training agencies, and who qualify as an IAHD-Americas Dive Pro through our IAHD-Americas Instructor training course at the Utila Dive Centre, over 2 days, and can then offer training experiences/programs through IAHD-Americas.

The Dive Partner course is designed to allow certified divers to be certified to fill the key role of a certified support diver for an adaptive scuba diver. An IAHD-Americas Dive Partner is specially trained in how to dive with a disabled diver. Candidates get first hand experience in understanding some of the problems encountered by disabled divers.

Take the step and enhance your resume, and expand the rewards and enjoyment of scuba diving to divers with disabilities and challenges. IAHD-Americas Divers Have Overcome:

• Amputation

• Emotional/Social/Trust Issues

• Autism

• Movement Disorders

• Birth Defects

• Spinal Injuries

• Blindness

• Stroke-Paralysis

IAHD-Americas Divers Receive:

• Safe and effective training conducted by credentialed experts in adaptive scuba; participants who successfully complete the programs become certified divers

• An unmatched opportunity to set aside burdens and limitations using the freedom and adventure of scuba’s aquatic environment

• Discovery of new places, new personal achievements, and new friends sharing the dive experience

• Membership in an international network of adaptive scuba buddies, instructors and training centers

• Access to extensive resources for dive & trip planning at accessible resorts, dive operators, manufacturers of specialized equipment and facilities

 Students learn from IAHD-Americas certified instructors who love to share the magic of scuba in a nurturing and productive environment, and we schedule our IAHD-Americas Dive Pro/Instructor programs each month, though with very limited spaces.  The program can be offered to dive professionals with no previous experience/certification in adaptive teaching, and the course takes 2 days and the cost of the program is $350 and $100 application fee to IAHD Americas, please contact us for availability.

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