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Currently Open Water Certified

Open Water certified to Instructor – PADI Scuba Internships

If you’re currently a PADI Open Water certified diver (or qualifying certification from another dive training agency) and you wish to pursue a professional path to becoming a PADI Instructor, then we’ve developed the following package to help you make your dream come true. For certified divers, our PADI Scuba internships includes the PADI Advanced course, the PADI EFR/Rescue Diver course, the PADI Divemaster course, and the PADI Instructor Development course.

If you have a diving certification with PADI or any other agency, then you can start with the PADI Advanced course (any day, any time!) and continue all the way through to PADI Instructor in approximately 8 weeks.  We can schedule the Advanced/Rescue course around your arrival, which will take about 1 week, and then as long as you have 40 logged dives you can join our next Divemaster course (which starts every Monday) prior to taking one of our scheduled monthly Instructor classes. If you are short of the 40 dives after finishing your Rescue course, then we do include unlimited diving with our program. We have scheduled a pre-week to the Divemaster program where you start getting involved in coral reef surveying, logging dives and improving essential dive skills like your buoyancy control and air consumption, which will take you up to the required 40 dives. We recommend an early reservation as we do have limited spaces/materials.

For Open Water certified divers (or equivalent), the Advanced to Instructor (8 week program) Cost $4895 includes 10 night’s accommodation in Mango Inn hotel, 2 months reef fees, log books, new 2018 Instructor manual/Divemaster crew pack, Instructor course IDC crew pack, EFR Instructor manual, Rescue pocket mask, RDP’s (Table and E-RDP ML) and certification processing and course manuals. PADI fees are included in quote but are paid direct to PADI with credit card at time of application and not to Utila Dive Centre.

Our Premium Pro Plus package includes the MSDT (5 specialty Instructor course) module, with all fees and materials and optional internship costs a total of $6225 with total savings of $1065. Also with our Premium Pro Plus package get free PADI 02 Instructor, Adaptive Diver Instructor, PADI ‘Resort Operations Specialty’ training and certification and ScubaPro Technicians course with our GoPro 6.0 promotion.

A complete set of scuba equipment from Scubapro can be purchased with this package, including a full set of MK25 regulator and dive computer and all other gear from head to toe, with duffle bag. Reduced from MSRP of $3500 to $2500, an amazing unmatched offer and great saving!

We’ll provide 10 nights dorm style accommodation in our hotel the Mango Inn when you first arrive on Utila, giving you plenty of time to find a suitable apartment. We would estimate living expenses, including food/rent (based on sharing an apartment), at $800 per month. So for between $6-10k (depending on whether you choose the equipment package and/or MSDT and IYT options) you can have 2-3 months living on a Caribbean island, become fully trained in a new career as a PADI Instructor, enjoy amazing diving, and obtain a full set of scuba equipment. This is just the beginning of a great lifestyle change.

To book now, or for more information, please contact ‘Director of Professional Training’ Andy Phillips on info@goproutila.com or call International +1-305-420-5959. Don’t delay………Make your life mean something, both above and below the water!

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