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Utila is the real Caribbean, escape the crowds, no cruise ships, sustainable development, a way of life that is traditional and authentic.  Amazing diving with over 50 dive sites, diversity of fringing reefs, sheer walls, offshore seamounts, critters and macro life, plus Dolphins, Rays & Whalesharks.  Affordable living and ease of logistics in the dive industry’s ‘Mecca’ of professional dive training.

Utila is less commercial than the other Bay Islands and most islands in the Caribbean, and the Yucatan of Mexico, and you won’t find deludes of cruise ships, motor traffic, condominium developers or mass tourism, instead the island is reminiscent of the traditional Caribbean way of living. Whilst there is not an international airport on the island, this has protected the island from over development and allowed it to retain its natural charm and beauty, and Utila is still within easy reach of the mainland. The island is English/Spanish speaking, very safe and friendly, and you won’t need to take taxis or shuttles to get around the island, or waste time commuting, and most people get around by bicycle, and you have easy access to supermarkets, apartments, all close to our dive centre. Utila is also one of the most affordable destinations to live and train on in the Caribbean as well, due to the lack of commercial development on the island. If you compare to other destinations nearby for training, you can often spend hours stuck in traffic each day commuting to resorts/hotels, or long boat rides to dive sites. The effort in reaching Utila is made up in a matter of days with the amount and quality of diving you’ll get to do, lifestyle, low cost of living, and quality of training and additional options.

There’s a few other amazing reasons why Utila is one of the best training destinations in the Americas, and worldwide, for your dive career training.  Whilst many locations have a handful of dive sites, that you often only get out to a few times a week, you’ll find on Utila our diving is comprised of amazing reef systems, and our diving is a little more diverse than most warm water destinations and we send several boats out a day offering you more diving, which you won’t find in many other areas and we have over 80 buoyed sites around the island.  Also on the North side of Utila we have sheer walls and drop offs that go several hundred meters, obviously we don’t go that deep!  This is where we find the gentile and majestic Whale shark and also we have regular encounters with Dolphins and on the South side of Utila we have a fringing reef system with spur and groove formations where you’ll find some of the more diverse creatures in the Caribbean, the REEF group that publish the ‘Caribbean Fish ID’ series of books have voted the Bay Islands the most diverse region in the Caribbean for aquatic life.  There are Eels, turtles, Spotted Drums, Stonefish, Frogfish and a plethora of other inhabitants of the reef.  The visibility here averages 20-30mt/60-100ft and water temp averages 26-28c/84-88f.

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