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Tec diving Instructor courses Utila

Next Tec Deep & Trimix Inst. courses – April 2017

Our Next PADI Tec Deep Instructor courses are April 15th and Trimix Instructor April 22nd

For divers interested in technical diving, and qualifying as PADI Tec Deep divers, then we have both diver and Instructor level courses scheduled for April and we’d recommend an early reservation as as our recent courses fully booked up 3 months in advance and there are only 4 spaces available for this program. There are 3 different levels of training within the PADI Tec deep diver program, Tec 40, 45 and 50, and all 3 modules can be taken together to qualify as a PADI Tec Deep diver, allowing you to dive to depths of 165ft/50 meters, using up to 100% Oxygen for accelerated decompression. The complete Tec Deep training takes 9 days and has a course fee of $1350 and $50 manual, and $3 a day reef fee. For PADI Instructors there is also the option to take our 6 day PADI Tec Deep Instructor course and after auditing one Tec Deep component (4 days and $350) and upon meeting the 25 decompression dive requirement, can then offer training in all 3 Tec modules. The Tec Deep Instructor course costs $1200 and $3 a day reef fees, plus $70 Instructor manual and a PADI application fee of $78. All training can be offered in sidemount configurations and we can also conduct Tec Sidemount Instructor training simultaneously.

Tec Deep Instructor course Utila Honduras

Congratulations to James McKay and Annette Papa on completing their PADI Tec Deep Instructor course!

All training is offered through the Utila Dive Centre in the Bay Islands of Honduras and can be done on either backmount or sidemount, and with our fringing reef systems, deep walls, and water temps of 26-28c/78-84f, and visibility of 20-30 meters/70-100 feet, make Utila a great choice in the Caribbean for technical diver training. We have strict class sizes of 4:1 and there are just 4 spaces available on our April 15th Instructor program (April 22nd Trimix Instructor) and we recommend an early reservation. The diver level training can be offered immediately (or all year round) before our Instructor programs (Tec 40/45/50 starts March 31st) and we also offer Trimix diver and Instructor training. For more information on our technical diver training please visit our tec diving section of this website and contact us for specific course information. Our next scheduled Tec Instructor level training will be July 2017. All training can be offered in Tec Sidemount configurations as well.

PADI Tec Deep 40/45/50: March 31st to Feb 8th (some flexibility)
PADI Trimix diver: February 9th to 14th
PADI Tec Deep Instructor: February 15th to 21st
PADI Trimix Instructor: February 22nd to 28th

1st ever PADI Trimix Instructor course in Sidemount conducted in Central America

Trimix Instructor course sidemount utila honduras

We’d like to congratulate Chris Langehaug on being the 1st ever diver in Central America, Honduras and the Caribbean to complete the PADI Trimix Instructor course in sidemount. Chris completed a serious of training dives, practical workshops, academic and water presentations of skills, and culminated in a dive to 300ft/90 meters on Utila’s Northside walls. Chris (pictured here to the left with Trimix IT Andy Phillips) was diving in a Hollis SMS 100 rig and Andy was using a DiveRite Nomad system. We embedded a fun video below that Chris and Andy fimed on a dive to 200 feet/60 meters, filmed with a GoPro sports camera, recording a crush test on an aluminium bottle fiulled with air, can you guess the depth at which it would implode?

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