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PADI Rebreather courses

PADI Closed Circuit Rebreather Courses

There are 2 types of PADI rebreather courses, recreational and technical, which correspond to specific rebreather units classified as either Type R or Type T.

Recreational rebreather diving is limited to 30 meters/100ft and with no-stop times, and has the option for immediate bail out to open circuit scuba carried on board the unit.

Technical rebreather diving, is on more complex units, requiring own packing of sofnolime and manual operation of controls and beyond limits of recreational diving, with decompression stops involved.

PADI have classified closed circuit rebreathers into 2 categories, Type R (recreational) and Type T (technical). Some of these units can have an overlap in both categories.

• Typically Type R units have pre-packed scrubber cartridges and do not require diver to pack cartridge. There is no manual addition of O2 and there are automated start up checks.

• Type R rebreathers can be electronic closed circuit, or electronic semi-closed circuit. The PADI rebreather courses are generic and are adapted to specific approved units, currently for recreational purposes the Poseidon MK6 and AP Valves Inspiration ‘rec’.

The manufacturer’s literature and manuals are also to be used to support the course.

At Utila Dive Centre/GoPro Utila, we are currently offering training on the Poseidon MKSe7en (Type R) unit at both diver and Instructor level. The following levels are available;

1. Integrated Open Water/Advanced Open Water diver (4 days duration) and crossovers

2. Rebreather Instructor course (3 1/2 days duration includes simulated audit) and Rebreather Instructor crossover course (2 days duration) For divers who meet the requirements we can offer combined packages, and also offer training on other units at Instructor level, if the diver has their own rebreather.

At Utila Dive Centre, we currently have 3 Poseidon MKSe7en units in stock for training and rental. For specific inquiries please contact us.

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