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PADI Trimix 90

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PADI Trimix course in Utila, Honduras

Why PADI Tec Trimix Diver Course?

For the extreme diver ready to further explore the world of technical deep diving, the gas of choice is trimix. The PADI Trimix course takes you to the outer edges of technical deep diving, opening the door to pristine dive sites few divers – if any – ever see.

What do I need to start?

Certified as a PADI Rescue Diver or have a qualifying certification in diver rescue and accident management from another organization. Students who meet this through a qualifying non-PADI certification need to provide proof of CPR and first aid training within the previous two years.

Certified as a PADI Tec Deep Diver (the PADI Tec Deep course can be offered in conjunction with our PADI Trimix course) or have a qualifying certification in deep decompression diving using air/enriched air from another organization. Students who qualify through a qualifying certification other than PADI Tec Deep Diver must read the entire PADI Tec Deep Diver Manual and complete the Knowledge Reviews prior to beginning the Tec Trimix Diver course.

What will I do?

The PADI Trimix Diver course is intended to extend the depth range available to technical divers trained and qualified to use air, enriched air and oxygen for technical decompression dives beyond 50 metres/165 feet in open water to 90 metres/300 feet. The PADI Tec Trimix Diver course is intended for technical divers certified as PADI Tec Deep Divers (or qualifying certification from another training organization). The course extends their depth range capabilities by training them in the use of trimix (helium, oxygen and nitrogen).

What will I need?

Tec Trimix Student Manual and the Tec Deep Diver Manual

How much does it cost?

Course fee $1350 for complete program (Tec 65/Tec Trimix), plus $50 for manual/slate, and $3 per day reef fee, also $15-25 a day equipment rental.

The goals of the Trimix course are to train students to dive to 90 metres/300 feet using various trimix blends, enriched air and oxygen with open circuit scuba equipment. The course builds upon the fundamentals of technical diving learned in the ‘Tec Deep’ course and further trains students in the planning, motor skills and emergency contingency procedures required for technical trimix diving. This course is taught along our beautiful local reefs, north side walls and outer sea banks, which gives our students the widest variety of diving environments possible to prepare them for their future trimix dives. Academic knowledge is developed by independent study of the student diver ‘Trimix’ manual and ‘Tec Deep’ manual (where appropriate) and application through briefings, practical sessions, dive planning and completed knowledge reviews and tests. There is 1 water skills assessment dive and 8 open water training dives, though for students with ‘PADI Tec Deep’ certification, the course can be completed with 6 open water training dives.  Prerequisites for the course include being certified as a PADI Tec Deep diver, or equivalent certification from another organization, with a minimum age 18 years old with training in emergency rescue and 150 logged dives. The course can be completed in 6 days.

For divers who are also PADI Instructors, there is also the opportunity to enroll in the PADI Tec Trimix Instructor course. Please contact us for Trimix Instructor level training.

PADI Trimix Diver Courses Scheduled in Honduras Upon Demand

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