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Getting to Utila

Getting to Utila – Paradise hidden but worth the journey!

From the USA;
There are daily international flights with American Airlines from Miami, with United from Houston, and Delta from Atlanta to San Pedro Sula and Roatan, Honduras.

From Europe;
There are flights from London, Madrid, Düsseldorf, and Paris, on a daily basis to Miami or Houston. From these cities the airlines will have partners and onward connections to take you to either San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa. We recommend arriving in San Pedro Sula. It is possible with Iberia (from Madrid) to fly direct to Guatemala City and then take the daily Hedman Alas bus from Guatemala City (5am and $60) to La Ceiba, Honduras. This journey takes 12 hours and is ideal for citizens who need a visa to transit through the USA. For travel from USA/Europe to Central America, it is best to contact the airlines direct. Continental, British Airways, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa and American Airlines all have flights to the USA and then onward connections/partners who fly into San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, Honduras. We also recommend using search engine Expedia (www.expedia.com).

Once you arrive in Honduras;
If you arrive in San Pedro Sula by 1pm, you can usually catch the daily flight to La Ceiba with SOSA Airlines (+504 24253161 or utilamorganstravel@yahoo.com). Tickets can be purchased at the check in desk on the day, though we recommend organizing a reservation. There is also a 4pm flight to La Ceiba with Islena airlines (www.flyislena.com), though this will mean spending a night in La Ceiba. If you get the flight at 2.30pm to La Ceiba and it is on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday, then you will also be able to fly that same day at 3.30pm to Utila with SOSA ($130 one way). If you arrive in La Ceiba by 3.15pm and there are no onward flights to Utila that day, then you can take a taxi from the airport ($15) to the ferry terminal, where there is a ferry, Utila Dream which leaves La Ceiba at 4pm and arrives in Utila 5.00pm ($20 one way).

On Saturdays;
If you arrive into San Pedro Sula (SAP) or Roatan (RTB) early afternoon there are direct flights to Utila (approx. $140 each one way). From San Pedro Sula to Utila there is a direct flight at 3pm with CM airlines, please contact Alice Gabourel on alicewwtravel@yahoo.com phone +504 98911960 or +504 24253394. From Roatan to Utila the direct flight is between 3.30-4.30pm, please contact Angelo Lagonia on lagoniaa@gmail.com phone +504 95588683.

If you arrive in San Pedro Sula late and have to spend the night there, then the Metrotel Inn and Suites (+5045590300 or reservations@metrotelexpress.com) have rooms for about $75 per night with free breakfast and internet. The Metrotel is a $20 ride from the airport. Another option once in San Pedro Sula is the Hedman Alas 1st class bus service (+5045531361 orinfo@hedmanalas.com) which departs each day at 6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm from the Hedman Alas terminal. Tickets cost $25 and the journey takes 3 hours to La Ceiba.

If your flight takes you into the airport of Tegucigalpa, then you can also take a daily flight at 1-2pm to La Ceiba with SOSA airlines $100 one way (+504 24253161 orutilamorganstravel@yahoo.com), or if you arrive late then you can stay in the ‘Hotel Paseo Miramontes’ (+5042391855 or hotel.miramontes@multivisionhn.net) which costs about $55 per night and is 10 minutes taxi ride $15 from the airport. There is also a Hedman Alas 1st class bus from Tegucigalpa (+5042377143 or info@hedmanalas.com) to La Ceiba costs $40, departs daily at 05:45am, 10.00am and 1pm and takes about 6 hours. If you arrive in La Ceiba and are unable to fly to Utila or connect with the ferry in time 9.30am and 4pm, then we would recommend staying at the Gran Hotel Paris (+5044432391 or hotelparis@psinet.hn) $45 a night. This is a $10 ride from the airport.

Other days from Roatan;
There are no direct scheduled flights or boats between Roatan and Utila. We recommend flying into Roatan on a Saturday and using Island Air, for other days you can take the Galaxy Wave ferry (7am & 2pm and approx. $30 one way) from Dixen Cove, Roatan to La Ceiba, and then change over at the same port (Utila terminal) for the connecting ferry the Utila Princess (9.30am & 4pm approx. $25 one way), if taking the ferries please try to get off the Roatan ferry with your baggage ASAP so you have plenty of time to make the connecting ferry to Utila.  There are private charter boat trips that do go direct between Roatan and Utila every few days, and in busy period almost every day. These usually depart from the West End of Roatan around 1.30-2pm, so please allow 1-1.5 hours from airport arrival time, to clearing customs & immigration and making it by taxi (approx. 30 minutes) to the West End. If arriving in Roatan please contact us a few days prior to your arrival and we can send you links to any direct boat services, though if there is nothing scheduled there is still the ferry option via La Ceiba.

Welcome to paradise – Utila!
From the ferry dock crossroads, just head 5 minutes straight ahead up the hill to reach the Mango Inn, or turn right and walk 10 minutes to find Utila Dive Centre on the right hand side. If you have a lot of baggage then we can arrange to meet you with a van. If you arrive by the airport, there are plenty of taxis/tuk-tuk’s available for about $3 per person, just tell to take you to the Mango Inn or Utila Dive Centre.

All reservations within Honduras can be assisted by our staff at Utila Dive Centre, please feel free to let us know your requirements. Please note: All travelers need a passport valid for at least 6 months to enter Honduras, and most airlines require an onward ticket to board. A 90 day tourist visa is issued by the immigration at your entry in the country, and you can renew that visa an additional month up to 4 months stay in total. All information is correct at time of update, but we cannot be held liable for missed flights, transfers, or changes in prices as all information is subject to change – and does change on a regular basis! Please check up to date information prior to departing for Utila.

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