PADI Scuba Diving packages – Beginner to PADI Instructor in the most awarded, best value, and most  convenient facility and dive destination in the Caribbean!

At the Utila Dive Centre we recognize the effort and commitment that individuals display when choosing to go professional. As professional Instructors and dive educators we would like to reward your commitment by offering a financial reduction off of our training programs. All package deals are for advance, prepaid bookings and are at management’s discretion and are subject to change. Please enquire for terms and conditions. If you want a package you do not see here, let us know your current certification, goals, and time frame and we’ll customise a program just for you.

We wanted to show you a summary of the approximate costs to budget for (with rough time period and estimated living expenses for each package in brackets, this is based on room in a shared apartment).  We have quoted everything, course fees, manuals, PADI fees and room/living costs, so please check each package to see what is specifically included, and we can reduce if you have your own PADI materials.

Summary of Package Pricing

Non –certified$2357 7-8 weeks ($1800) total $4157$5112 6 ½ months ($5500) total $10,612$6305 7-8 months ($6400) total $12,705$7475 8 ½ – 9 months ($7200) total $14,675
Open Water$1833 6-7 weeks ($1700) total $3533$4563 8 weeks ($1600) total $6163$5781 9-13 weeks ($2600) total $8381$6951 4 months ($3200) total $10151
Advanced Open Water$1524 4-5 weeks ($1000) total $2524$4254 7 weeks ($1700) total $5954$5472 8-12 weeks ($2400) total $7872$6641 15 weeks ($3000) total $9641
Rescue$1212 2-4 weeks ($500-800) total $2012$3869 weeks ($1200) total $5069$5107 7-11 weeks ($2200) total $7307$6277 14 weeks ($2800) total $9077
DivemasterN/A$2975 2 weeks ($500) total $3475$4023 3-7 weeks
($600-1400) total $5423
$5193 10 weeks ($2000) total $7193

Optional extras to add/or not!

Equipment packageN/AAdd $2500Add $2500Add $2500
GoPro 6.0 PADI O2 InstructorN/AAdd $130 for manual & PADI feesAdd $130 for manual & PADI feesAdd $130 for manual & PADI fees
GoPro 6.0 IAHD-Americas Instructor/ScubaPro Equipment TechN/AN/AAdd $100 for application feesAdd $100 for application fees
GoPro 6.0 Sidemount diver/InstructorN/AAdd $608 (reduced from $768)Add $608 (reduced from $768)Add $608 (reduced from $768)
GoPro 6.0 IYT DiveBoat Mate/Coxswain (prerequisites)Add $1145 (reduced from $1345)Add $1145 (reduced from $1345)Add $1145 (reduced from $1345)Add $1145 (reduced from $1345)

Whatever questions you have, please e-mail us on and we’ll give you comprehensive information on how you can become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor through our internships.  Quote GoPro 6.0  and get savings of up to $1400, simply unbeatable with unmatched training and the most value and credible PADI Instructor training in the Americas, in addition to all the other amazing benefits of training with Utila Dive Centre! Found a cheaper quote somewhere else and confused and want us to explain the difference and give you a price/value comparison then please contact us and we’ll be happy to e-mail or phone you right back and explain the differences, and what they mean to you.  Whatever questions you have please e-mail us or call us on our broadband USA number +1-305-4205959 and we’ll give you comprehensive information on how you can become a PADI Divemaster or Instructor through our internships.

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