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Utila Accommodation Options

When you reserve your course or package with us, we will book you a complimentary arrival stay into our hotel the Mango Inn on Utila. Then our staff will be able to give you specific advice on accommodation and living options, with regards to your preferences and budget. During your time training with Utila Dive Centre, you will be able to use the pool and wireless internet services at the Mango Inn hotel. The majority of our trainees, Divemasters and Instructors, stay in shared accommodation. A modern 2 bedroom apartment, with kitchen, living room, and bathroom, costs between $350-$550 per month depending upon location. It is also possible to find 1 bedroom apartments from $300-$450 per month. Apartments are very easy to arrange once on Utila, and there are always openings in shared apartments – it doesn’t take long before something suitable shows up. If your complimentary stay in the Mango Inn ends and you are still looking for accommodation, then we can extend (subject to availability) at our regular rates.

Here a couple of links we recommend;

  • Coopers Inn apartments; Email Clarissa Cooper on Carissacooper23@yahoo.com or phone USA +1 225-993-1874 or Honduras +504 993-1874.  One bedroom apartments $400 per month and two bedroom are $550 per month, all come with wifi, cable tv, hot water, AC and weekly cleaning.
  • Sandstone apartments; E-mail rita@sandstoneutila.com or tanya@sandstoneutila.com, $500-650 per month, 10 minutes from UDC and ocean location. Website www.sandstoneutila.com
  • Caribbean Dream apartments; E-mail rita@sandstoneutila.com or tanya@sandstoneutila.com, $400-500 per month, 5 minutes from UDC and main street location.
  • Tropical Sunset apartments; E-mail sales@seaeye-resort.com, $450-600 per month, 5 minute walk from UDC and bay view location. Website www.seaeye-resort.com
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