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Our Dive Center

UDC PADI Career Development Center

Utila Dive Centre –

Central America and the Caribbeans Premier PADI IDC Center

Utila Dive Centre was established in 1990. One of the 1st dive shops on Utila, founded by several diving enthusiasts and PADI Instructors traveling throughout Central America and the Caribbean who wanted to offer diving in a professional, safe and enjoyable manner to travelers visiting Utila. Since then, Utila Dive Centre has grown to become a full service dive operation with a beautiful hotel, the Mango Inn, complete with swimming pool. UDC has probably trained more divers at a recreational and professional level than any other dive facility in the Bay Islands, Caribbean and Central/Latin America, and is one of the most awarded PADI Career Development Centers worldwide. In fact, we’re the divers and dive professional’s choice for career advancement. We have trained many PADI IDC Staff Instructors and Course Directors locally and worldwide, and many other dive centers look to our programs as the leaders in dive education.

Utila Dive Centre is also a DAN training center, IAHD-Americas Adaptive Teaching facility, International Yacht Training center, PADI TecRec and rebreather facility. No other operator in the region meets such high standards or can offer you further worldwide quality diving opportunities.

Our 5 classrooms are all modern and air-conditioned and lessons are given using the latest multimedia ‘Microsoft PowerPoint’ presentations. Every Instructor candidate has their own ‘work station’ and access to the Internet. We have 6 fully equipped dive boats (no more than 12 divers per boat, some even less) that dock on site, a 24 hour back up power generator, a state of the art compressor system and gas blending station with over 8000 cubic foot of air banked, 60 sets of Scubapro, Aqualung and Cressi Sub rental equipment, private locker rooms, quiet study areas, the most comprehensive dive retail outlet on Utila, and a beautiful dock area constructed over the water with social amenities. Our ‘swimming/training pool’ is a shallow protected clear body of water and will prepare you best for when you yourself come to teach diving in exactly this same kind of environment. Many of our Divemaster training sessions and our PADI IDC is held in the Mango Inn hotel conference facility complete with swimming pool. This dedicated IDC centre ensures that your class time is free from distractions. There is a restaurant and wireless internet, and some buffet lunches are provided during the course. Our on site swimming pool ensures that we can have as much time as possible with you in the water to work on skill development and make you the best Instructor we can, particularly should weather conditions become adverse.  There are many centers in the region to choose from, basic dive shacks, to concessions in all inclusive holiday resorts, but there’s no facility that can offer so much diving, training and convenience in one affordable location, and we’ve escaped the commercial development seen in the Yucatan of Mexico and many other Caribbean Islands, and you won’t need taxis or shuttles to move around, or waste time that could be better spent in training.

In 2018 we opened our own dedicated marina and fill station designed to enhance our dive operations and facility, and to provide additional training opportunities for our PADI Divemaster and Instructor candidates.  Our Resort Operations Specialty is PADI approved and results in certification as a PADI Resort Operations Specialist and our marina, dive center and fleet of 5 vessels provides the perfect and most advanced training opportunity to develop not only as a PADI professional, but as a knowledgeable and experienced dive facility operator. Learn the operations of a marina where 5 vessels are maneuvering and docking, air fills to a bank, direct to tanks, and also with our whip system that fills directly onto the boats themselves.  Our marina also has a Cummings 85kw generator to power as a back-up, in the event of island power outages, and 2 Bauer compressors that fill to an air bank. A docking area for our 5 boats with a boat lift/covered maintenance station to remove boats from the water for maintenance.  Stand out with the PADI Resort Operations Specialty on your resume and get real training with Utila Dive Center, more than just a certification!

       Dedicated Marina and Fill/Gas Blending Facility
           State of the art Gas Blending/Fill Station

You’ll learn as much by training at Utila Dive Centre as the courses you take.  We believe that exposure to a real world diving environment, and being fortunate to have mentors who are committed divers and Instructors, and not just vocational Instructors (or resort/pool sales people), will give you more from your training and more out of this profession. At UDC we are principally a dedicated team of active divers and professionals (probably the most qualified and active worldwide!), and we all still continue our own education each year, and really take our mentorship and role-modeling seriously and we measure our success not by financials, numbers or pass rates, but by how our candidates succeed within the industry, and for that reason take an ongoing interest in every one of the professionals we train, not just during the courses but years after their time with us.  We’ve even tried to create a Youtube channel and Facebook community that gives people a feel for our facility, though the content doesn’t do our team, facility or Utila justice, so if you enjoy what you see just wait till you join us!

Often Imitated, Never Surpassed

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